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 Basic Information

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PostSubject: Basic Information   Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:19 pm

The senate is the branch of the clan that deals with all foreign affairs; unlike the council, which deals with all clan issues. The senate works closely with the leaders of the clan and reports to them any problems that may arise in ally clans and if they require our help. The senate has several branches, each of which deals with a certain aspect of foreign affairs.

    War Council

    The war council is the senate branch that deals with war. The war council has 3 spots, as well as the head and co-head. The members of the war council decide, along with the leaders of the clan, whether or not we should war. They are responsible for preparing the clan for any upcoming war. Then they decide the arena that will be used for the war and all the other war terms, such as allies, attack styles, date of war, etc. The war council is then to tell the Strategist branch about the upcoming war and the Clan Ambassadors so that they can negotiate with the opposing clan as well as our allies. The War Council is also responsible for setting up a war meeting to discuss the war and exchange ideas.


    The Clan Ambassadors are responsible for contacting Allies and enemies. The ambassadors have to job of tell our allies if we ever need them (for a war, or anything else) and for contacting the opposing clan to discuss the terms of the war (with the help of the War Council). The clan ambassadors are also responsible for keeping our ally list up to date. Once a month, the QFC”s must be checked to verify whether that they work. A friendly bump on an ally’s thread never hurt anyone either.


    The strategy branch is responsible for…you guessed it! Making up war strategies! (Good job! That was a tough question!). Now, on a more serious note… After the war council has announced a war, it is the job of the strategists to gather info on the clan and create a strategy, keeping in mind the terms of the war and their member cw


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Basic Information
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