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 Basic Information

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PostSubject: Basic Information   Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:50 pm

To get on the Jedi Council, you must prove your worth to the other members of the Council. If you want to get on the council, you must show you are loyal, hard-working, and a great person to have in the clan. The Council deals with minor issues that arise in the clan and reports back to the leader with any business. They determine whether or not to accept applications of new members, allies, and war applications. The Council also organizes and hosts events and social gatherings in the clan or with allies. The Head of Jedi Council will determine ties that take place in clan votes.

Duties as a council member:
    •Accepting new member applications•
    The Jedi Council is responsible for reviewing new member applications, and then based on the information provided make an informed decision as to whether or not the applicant would be suitable for The Jedi Order. In the event that the applicant is denied the Council Member will forward the reason to the Head of Council, who will then make a finalized decision.

    •Planning and coordinating clan events•
    The Jedi Council is responsible for the planning and execution of clan events. They will work with the clan to decide upon the events for the week, as well as set times that will allow the majority of the clan to participate. If any deviations are needed from the current schedule, a Council Member will post the necessary information on the forums and the changes will be made on the official events schedule.

    •Frequent communication with allied clans•
    The Jedi Council is responsible for keeping up to date on any major developments in allied clans, and then reporting back to the leadership with the information. The Council is also responsible for coordinating any joint events with allies.

    •Maintaining order in clan chat and clan meetings•
    The Jedi Council is responsible for maintaining order in the clan chat as well as during clan meetings. Rule breakers will be warned prior to any action, and should the offense continue necessary steps will be taken to ensure a friendly atmosphere is maintained. The Council Member responsible will then report back to the Head of Council with:

    1)The name of the offending individual.
    2)The offense committed.
    3)In serious cases, any witnesses.
    4)The action taken to resolve the problem.


    Head of Jedi Council: Dooom185

    Co-head: Cristina878

    Seat 1: Henry778899

    Seat 2: Killa Lette

    Seat 3: Crusad3r K03

    Seat 4: Andyb2013

    Seat 5: Escapethis7


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PostSubject: Re: Basic Information   Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:44 am


what he said =P.
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Basic Information
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